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This unit caters to the unique needs and goals of women, helping them achieve financial security and empowerment.


As of 2024, women are projected to control approximately US$72 trillion, which constitutes 32 percent of all wealth globally. This significant financial influence reflects their growing role in shaping markets and investment decisions.


As women experience remarkable growth in their wealth and influence, they increasingly grapple with the task of prudently managing their assets. Their impact resonates powerfully within their families, workplaces, communities, and the world.


There are other key reasons why financial planning is vital for women:

Longevity: Women tend to live longer than men. It's crucial to ensure financial independence and security, especially considering the possibility of outliving a partner or spouse.


Income Disparities: On average, women earn less than men. The gender pay gap persists, and it is essential for women to manage their finances effectively to bridge this gap and secure their financial well-being.


Changing Circumstances: Whether single or in a relationship, unexpected life events can occur. Being financially prepared ensures stability during transitions like divorce, loss of a partner, or other unforeseen situations.


Retirement Savings: Women typically have lower retirement savings compared to men. By planning wisely, women can build a robust financial cushion for their retirement years.


Empowerment: Financial literacy and planning empower women to make informed decisions about investments, debt management, and savings. It gives them control over their financial destiny.


In summary, financial planning equips women with the knowledge and tools to navigate life's financial challenges, achieve their goals, and secure a stable future.


Through our Financial Planning for Women workshops, women gain essential financial knowledge to enhance their security. Simultaneously, they connect with other women, sharing life experiences and overcoming challenges. These engaging workshops include interactive sessions, snacks, and drinks.


Check our workshops' schedule if you wish to participate in one of our programs for women.

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